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Reiki Treatments

Reiki is a Japanese healing technique founded by Dr. Mikao Usui some years before 1900, and is based on ancient wisdom from Buddhist monasteries in China and India. It is not only used for normal cure of body or soul illnesses, but also for stress reduction and relaxation. It is administered by "laying hands on th body" and is based on the idea that universal "energy" and "consciousness" are permanently flowing through us and they responsible for us being alive. While "universal energy" keeps our bodies running, "universal consciousness" lets our cells know, what and how to do their work and how all the cells in our body will work together and be synchronized with our psyche and our soul. If the "universal energy" is low, it can not flow easily through our body and we are more likely to get sick or feel stress and if it is high, we are mentally happy and our body stays healthy.
A Reiki treatment always takes care of the whole body and soul, physically, mentally, emotionallz and spiritually. When we feel ill or down, the symptoms may occur in a particular part of the body, but the basic problems may be in another part of the body or in the soul. A treatment usually has beneficial effects not only on health but also provides relaxation, security, sense of safety and well-being.
Treatments of Reiki have been used by monks for many centuries and belong to human nature. They are spiritual healings and improvements that everyone can enjoy. It is an ideal supplement and support of modern scientific western school medicine and helps to alleviate side effects and promote recovery.


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Classic massages and Chinese Cupping Massages

I offer the classic Swedish massage, which is the most common massage technique in our area. The massage is based on a combination of five strokes, all made with oil or other lubricant.

  • Effleurage - long, gliding strokes
  • Petrissage - kneading
  • Friction - friction to certain areas
  • Tapotement - light beats
  • Vibration - vibrating your muscles
  • This massage is used for everything from general relaxation to relief of specific problems. You wake up in the morning with back pain? Your neck is stiff and you can hardly move your head? You were doing sports and now you can hardly move? All of these are common causes that require a good massage of your body. The massage will loosen the muscles and relieve pain.

    Sometimes a classic massage is not enough. To loosen the connective tissue of your muscles, I may need to use the Chinese technique of cupping massages. Whatever is needed, I will use my best experience and knowledge to help you.

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Life Coaching

Life coaching focuses on your life and your goals in yourlife. I will guide you so that you can find insights yourself and to recognize your goals, to define them and to start working to make these goals reality. My job is to enable you with questions and suggestions so that you can recognize the road and become aware of the consequences. The help is based on conversations that are open, personal and very confidential. By summarizing your answers, I hold like a mirror in front of you,where you can check whether I understood you correctly and whether you understand yourself correctly.

Life coaching usually takes longer time and includes a multitude of sessions. In addition, I will be available on the phone or by e-mail when you need me.

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Legal Advice

As a lawyer with over 30 years of experience and having acted 16 years as a member of a countycourt in Switzerland I saw many things and could help many people.

Even if I'm not a barristor who can go to court for you, I can give you the first legal advice and help you in personal and contractual matters. I will also help you decide if it's worth taking a barristor.

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Reiki Courses

Everybody can do Reiki and the best thing is that you can learn to heal yourself with Reiki. As an educated Reiki master teacher, I would like to take you on a trip to a new world, to the Reiki World, which opens you new insights into Reiki engergi and universal consciousness.

You will learn how to use Reiki on yourself and help your body and mind to calm down and find relief and new power.

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Healing on Salt Blog

Reiki and universal Engergy


All things and living beings are infused with consciousness and energy. Many call this God and accept that God is within everything. But it does not matter, whether you believe in God or not, you might sometimes feel the energy and power that is within your body and soul. You might think, that this is not scientifically proven, but just a few years back, many other things were not existent according to science – just be aware, that x-rays were only discovered about one hundred years ago (1895), before no one could imagine such, many of the objects in space have only been discovered within the past few decades and nobody knew of them before. So, if science has not been able to measure something yet, that does not mean, that it does not exist – it just has not been discovered yet.
When our first cells from our mother and father come to life, this energy fills our bodies and is the intelligence that determines each cell to share and intend to become billions of cells that make up our amazing body. Science has confirmed the presence of this energy and uses tools like Kirlian photography, developed in the late 1930s, to capture visual evidence.
With this understanding, practice has been developed to help develop and experience this all-encompassing energy. Reiki, Qigong, Tai Chi, Meditation, Yoga and Feng Shui are just some of the many ways individuals use to improve the power of this energy and profit from it.
We are all born with knowledge to heal ourselves. Our bodies are in a constant work to maintain our health. It is the universal consciousness and energy that helps the body to repair and replace parts of itself as needed.
In the past, men had a native wisdom that they used to heal and maintain vitality. Over time, our focus shifted to what is beyond ourselves, we have lost the ability to see or believe in the energy and consciousness within ourselves. In relation to our own personal energy, the Reiki energy connects our higher self with everything around us. We can use Reiki energy to help us balance our own energy and body or to help others.
We are at a time when science begins to validate the existence of the energies that surround and exist in each of us. There is a lot to research and try, but we are on a road. Reiki, as a form of treatment using universal energy is already here. We may not understand what happens, but many people have experienced that Reiki works - in direct contact or with remote healing.


E-Mail: Dieter Schürer info(at)

Tel: +47 475 17 628

Who am I ...

Dieter Schürer

AGe 63 years, living on Salt near Selje in Norway and I am Swiss

I learned to massage people, when I was a nurse solder in the Swiss army. For several months, I had to massage many of my collegues on a daily basis because of their back pains. After this, I liked to give massages to friends and relatives to help them get better again. Many said, that I had healing hands, therefore I engaged to learn Reiki.

Education and Languages

My first profession I had learned was banking. Then I went to the highly respected University of Zurich to study law and finished as Master of Law. At University of Fribourg, I got my MBA degree in NPO and association management.Later I worked as project manager, trainer, coach, IT developer and was many years in various levels of management.

I speak German, English, French and Norwegian and a bit Chinese.

I also took various massage and Reiki courses, partly direct and partly on the internet. But I also learned a lot when getting such treatments myself.

Activities and Books

Management of companies, project management, legal advisor, member of countycourt, IT trainer and coach, IT architect and developer.

Author of three books (in German)

  •  Die Pressingmethode (bee keeping)
  •  Das Bienenstock-Prinzip (management)
  •  Flexibel in die Zukunft (management)
  • Companies

    I founded companies in Switzerland, Canada and Norway.


    Grades and Memberships

    Master of Law UZH

    Postgraduate MBA Diploma for NPO and association management

    Det Norske Healerforbundet


    Top 100 Member Trainers Excellence (Speakers Excellence)



    Den første behandlingen i Reiki eller massasje tilbyr eg til halv pris, og det tar ca 20 minutter lenger, fordi eg vil bli kjent med deg først og avklare dine helseproblemer.

    Reiki Behandlinger og Massasjer

    Enkelt behandling uten abonnementet:

    700 kroner for 50 minutter

    Abonnementet for 5 behandlinger:

    3250 kroner for 50 minutter kver

    Abonnementet for 10 behandlinger:

    6000 kroner for 50 minutter kver

    Behandlinger er i mitt hus på Salt, Berglund, Gbr 72/25

    Lifets Veiledning

    Første fire Møte:

    800 kroner for kver 50 minutter

    I fra det femte møtet per møte:

    700 kroner for 50 minutter kver

    Juridisk rådgivning utenfor retten

    800 kroner per 50 minutter

    Det er bare privat rådgivning og eg er ikkje tillat i retten. I sånn fall må du gå til en norsk advokat.

    Reiki Kurser

    Reiki I:

    Med Reiki grad I vil du lære grunnleggende informasjoner om Reiki, Reiki symboler, Reiki meditasjoner og sjølv behandling med Reiki med håndposisjoner for sjølv behandlingen

    2000 kroner for to dager

    Reiki II:

    Med Reiki grad II vil du lære videre teknikker med Reiki og en nyt symbol, Reiki meditasjoner, behandling av andre mennesker med Reiki med håndposisjoner for andre og fjernbehandling med Reiki

    2000 kroner for to dager

    Reiki III:

    Reiki grad III er mestergrad. Du vil du lære kva du trenger for å bruke Reiki som en prof, Reiki mester symbol og mange videre teknikker og informasjoner.

    3000 kroner for to dager